Common Sense Firearms Training


 Common Sense Firearms Training

Offers you a comfortable environment to learn basic knowledge and the skills necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.

With this class you will obtain the knowledge and attitude necessary to apply for

your permit to carry in the state of Iowa.

We cover the following subjects:

- Basic components of a pistol 

- Requirements mandated in the Iowa code 724.

- Rules for safe gun handling

- Gun owner responsibilities

- Storage of firearms and ammunition

- Stance and grip

- Fundamentals of shooting

- Selecting a firearm

- Accessories for both men and women

- Care and maintenance of a firearm

We like to teach and discuss these subjects with a common sense approach and use real world applications.

We emphasize that this is not a "lecture" but rather a discussion and we want you to get the most out of this class.




The class will be taught by NRA certified instructor. (this is not a NRA class)


515-865-8615 Ankeny, Iowa